Dec 10, 2012

DIY Fabric Strip Backdrop

When we started brainstorming about this photo shoot, I knew we'd need some kind of backdrop that would bring plenty of dimension and texture, but not draw your eye away from colorful printed items. So, I went with my go-to Fabric Strip backdrop that is both quick and affordable-just the way I like it!
I used a fabric called Broadcloth because it was affordable and ripped easily.
I cut my strips approximately 2 inches wide, but eventually I was able to just eyeball it. 
The length of my strips for this project was 1 yard, but you could easily rip a longer strip for a full length backdrop. I also varied the length on some of the strips so that it wasn't perfectly even.
 I hope you all will give this project a try and, of course, try different color combinations to match your table. And don't forget to visit to download all of the free printables!


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  2. Those fabric strip backdrop really makes the photo look much better than a plain wall at the back.