May 30, 2012

My obsession with paper knows no bounds

(image via Present&Correct)

My enthusiasm for great paper texture and thickness might be a little on the crazy side, you guys. I just get so excited. I might be weirding some clients out. 

Thing you may not know: My paper selection has gotten really good since, say, my invitations (I still love you guys, don't worry). I'm talking super thick and luxurious. Or sleek and little bit shimmery. You may not be as into paper as I am, but it can really take your invites to the next level. Want to see/feel for yourself? Email me for a sample!

May 7, 2012

Vacation time!

Leaving for vacation tomorrow with the hubby for our one year anniversary. We're going to Big Cedar Resorts. Have you ever been? I haven't, but I've heard it's kind of like fancy camping. The pictures look beautiful! Here's what I would be bringing if cost weren't an issue!

(1. sweater , 2. blanket, 3. swimsuit, 4. backpack, 5. sandals, 6. bike)